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Two separate production units Farmer`s/Artisans`s has been established by the parent organization and the products which are being manufactured by individual production groups further sold in the market thus running the production unit on commercial basis for the last 25 years.

These organizations are having a net work of local/non local market outlets and having their own show room in the main market of Mandi town. The leather product are being sold by Artisan`s group at various outlets located in throughout Himachal Pardesh. The fruit and vegetables products are mainly sold by Farmer`s group in the tourist places and various hotels.

The Farmer`s/Artisans production units are put on commercial basis and further Cash Credit limits has been obtained from commercial Bank. At present the Artisan`s group have obtained the 3 lakhs limits and Farmer`s group have taken 2 lakhs for the same purpose. The farmer`s group is having its own vehicle for retail marketing. The artisan`/Farmer`s groups are running self-sustainable the production unit at its own from the last 25 years

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