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1. Standardization of protocols for in vitro micropropagation of Cherry rootstocks

Cherry Rrootstocks

4. Standardization of protocols for in vitro micro-propagation of Cherry rootstocks

The organization has made the standardization of media for initiation of in vitro cultures and in vitro cultures of Gisela have been established. Effect of growth regulators on in vitro multiplication of Cherry rootstocks was made and further multiplication media has standardized Evaluation of different types and concentrations of growth regulators on in vitro rooting of Cherry rootstocks. The Rooting media has been standardized Studies of platelets under poly house conditions. The plantlets has been hardened and distributed among farmers in 3 locations. The final progress report of the project along with audit report has been submitted with Statement of Expenditure. The final Group Monitoring Workshop has been completed and progress made under YSP is already been presented. The existing lab at Bhadyal has been given on lease to Dr Shilpa Sharma for 15 years @ Rs 2000 with inclusion of staff.

2. Core Support 2020-2023 (Phase-III) )

Core Support 2020-2023 (Phase-III)

1. Core support : Support programme has been extended from 2020 to 2023 with following activities :-

I. S & T Intervention : Aspirational Chamba Distt. : : Parwai village, Bhatiyat block : Formed a network of 40 Farmers & linked to Himachal Gramin Bank, Lahdu, for further financial help.

1. Diversification in to aromatic oils from wild marigold (Tagetes minuta) : : In June 20 and 21, about 23 farmers cultivated wild marigold on about 5.0 hectare of land. Hands on trainings to farmers and core team members were given at IHBT, Palampur as well as in farmers’ fields by concerned scientists on agro-technology of wild marigold. Constructed work shed (600 sqft) and installed 250 kg capacity distillation unit at Parwai village. Training cum demonstration was conducted at unit in the village by concerned scientists on extraction of oil, packing and storage of oil. Now the core team of trained farmers is doing extraction of oil themself. Linkages have also been established with Mohan Sugandhim, Mandi (H.P.) for selling of wild marigold oil @ Rs. 12000/-kg. in 2 seasons about 18 kg of oil have been extracted and sold.

2. Propagation & supply of quality planting material of Lavender (Lavendula officinalis) & Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) : proposed 5 poly-tunnels (100 sqm. each) have been fabricated in farmers’ fields. A hand on training on propagation of lavender and rosemary to farmers was conducted on 10 December 2020 at IHBT Palampur. Planting material of lavender and rosemary was procured from IHBT Palampur on 30 December 2020. A hand on training program on propagation of lavender and rosemary to farmers was conducted on 31 December 2020 at farmer’s field. About 34000 Cuttings and mother plant of lavender and rosemary were grown in poly-tunnels in 2 seasons in Jan 2021 and 2022. Now farmers are selling mother plants to other farmers in the area through IHBT palampur.

3. Cultivation & drying of Matricaria : : 15 farmers have been identified to grow matricaria in about 2.0 hac. of land in coming winter season This crop will be dried in indirect solar drier as well as oil will be extracted in distillation unit.

4. Value added products from Rhododendron flowers : Established common facility centre (CFC) based on value added products from Rhododendron flowers. .Hand on training program on rhododendron products making was organized in collaboration with SFD Nagwain at Parwai village on 12 to 14 March 2021. Now this group is doing production and marketing at its own. 5 representatives of Green Valley Kisan Sabha, Parwai, Teh. Chuwari, Distt. Chamba visited FARRMERS unit Nagwain on 20.4.2021 to look in the production activities. Now the core team of Farmers group is producing Rhododendron products themselves and selling in local market. Group is also in process to get FSSAI license to manufacture and sell products to distant market also.

II. Development of nutraceutical/functional foods : Biscuits from nutritionally rich local Vegetables (Broccoli and Spinach) in combination with flours of wheat & amaranthus (traditional millet) have been prepared. Storage & organoleptic study have been carried out for 6 months & found acceptable. For scientific validation physic-chemical and nutritional analysis was carried out at CFTRI, Mysore along with control sample. Prepared biscuits were found very rich in all minerals & vitamins as compared to control sample. For example prepared Amaranthus-Broccoli biscuits have Calcium, Potassium and Vit. C content, 347.8 mg/100 gm, 285.9 mg/100 gm and 24.9 mg/100 gm respectively whereas control sample has 43.9 mg/100 gm., 142.7 mg/100 gm and 12.9 mg/100 gm. Prepared Amaranthus-Spinach biscuits have Total Ash (3.1 %) Ca (222.8 mg/100 gm), K (468.6 mg/100gm), iron (10.28 mg/100 gm) contents, where as in control sample, have Total Ash (2.3 %) Ca (43.9 mg/100 gm), K (142.7 mg/100gm) and iron (3.8 mg/100 gm). Now FARMERS group at Nagwain is manufacturing and selling these biscuits under FSSAI license.

III. Technology improvement and scientific validation of traditional fermented beverages (SUR in Lag valley) in distt. Kullu of H.P. : A Group of ‘7’ farmers have been formed who will look after and sustain the enterprise after completion of project. Work shed (400 sqft.) to carry out R & D work and subsequently production of beverage have been constructed Medicinal plants to be used have been collected. Equipment’s have also been installed. Trials for refinement and standardization are going on.

IV. Design & fabrication of emulsion making unit for making creams : Initially, A prototype of 8 kg capacity was designed and fabricated in consultation with RuTAG, IIT Roorkee. Now we have designed and fabricated 20 kg capacity SS made unit with complete accessories at GAK engineers and Technologist Mohali (Pb) and are in process to optimize it for product making.

V. Herbal Soaps based on wild apricot oil & natural saponins from soap nut using natural aromatics :  We have prepared 3 variants of toilet soap using, Aloe vera, Derek leaf extract and Artemisia extract using natural essential oils of Lavender, wild marigold and lemon grass and one variant of washing soap using soap nut extract. Standardized toilet soap was analysed at NABL Lab. Shri Ram Institute for Industrial research, Delhi for desired parameters and it was found to comply with BIS specifications. Now we are replicating it to women SHG`S and kisan clubs for production and selling. We shall have production through FARMERS group after licencing and SSI registration.

VI. Efforts to combat COVID‐19 :  The organization have trained the Women 15 women SHGS (60 women) in 2/3 layer reusable cotton masks. About 10000 masks were made by these women and distributed among community. The organization also Trained FARMERS group in low cost alcohol based hand sanitizer using Artemisia/ Aloe vera extracts. Prepared Sanitizers and distributed to about 250 beneficiaries.

VII. Publications :  The following booklets have been prepared.

1. Fortification of Amaranthus biscuits with broccoli.
2. Fortification of Amaranthus biscuits with Spinach.
3. Herbal toilet soaps based on wild apricot oil and aloe vera using natural aromatics

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