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Annual Progress Report 2020-21

Condolence Resolution

Two minutes of silence was observed at the beginning of the Annual General Body (AGB) meeting to pay homage to Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, Scientist ‘E’,DST, who passed away on April 21, 2021 due to COVID - 19.

2. Activities/ follow up action since the last meeting :

2.1. As part of R&D initiative through DST the preventive products being prepared by Banglore based organization to fight against COVID, our organization distributed 10 incubation / safety key – zeta in Ner chowk Medical College, Civil Hospital Sunder Nagar on June 1, 2020 and on June 24 at PHC Nagwain (4+4+2) safety key 2000 ( STD, MSJVS, SFD +CHC Nagwain and PHC Kanaid )

2.2. Online interaction programme on ground water scenario and management plan of Mandi district by Central ground water board, NHR D/Shala in which 50 people participated on line from Balh block.

2.3. GMW – SCP through online video conference on traditional craft of Chamba was held on 28th August, 2020. The progress report was presented and expert members advised to have product diversification linkages with NIFT craft institute, Kangra.

2.4. The organization participated in seminar on disaster management through online being organized by DDMA, on September 29, 2020.

2.5. The organization participated in DST webinar on Agriculture on 15-16 October, 2020, on post harvesting technology on 21 October 2020, on social infrastructure on 26-27 November, 2020.

2.6. The organization participated in SMSME and Economics cluster webinar from November 5-6, 2020 being organized by DST

2.7. Our organization attended the AIPSN EC meeting was held on November 17, 2020 in which National Policy on Education and livelihood issues were and the organization was given the responsibility to work on livelihood.

2.8. A workshop on design development on traditional craft of Chamba was held from 3-5 December, 2020 at Malori in collaboration with National Institute of Fashion Design, Kangra HP.

2.9. The organization participated in on line webinar was attended on India International Science Festival being organized by DST on December 23-24.

2.10. On behalf of organization participated in AIPSN EC online meeting was held on January 24, 2021 followed by General Council meeting on 7th Feb, 2021.

2.11. Training programme was organized at Malori to train local craftsmen about the design development of traditional Chamba craft from February 25 to 27 Mr Rana, master trainer from National Institute of Fashion Design Kangra conducted the training and Society president DP gave away the training certificates to the participants

2.12.The organization participated in online Webinar on Showcasing Technologies evolved under TIME-LEARN programme and presented the PPT on River Ropeway Technology project was held on March 8-9, 2021. The expert committee members asked to complete the remaining work at the earliest.

2.13. A farmer’s meet was organized at Bhadyal on March 30, 2021 under YSP – Cherry rootstock project to popularize and replicate the root stock.

2.14. Dr Premi, DDM, NABARD visited Nagwain field station on April 2, 2021 to discuss the Rural Technology project especially through Rural Innovation Fund .

2.15. On April ,21, 2021 Dr Sunil Aggarwal passed away and on April ,29, Dr Sunil Memorial lecture was organized through online by DST, which was attended by STD staff.

2.16. On May 7, 2021 review meeting with IHBT on Chamba project was held virtually to review the work being done by the organization.

2.17. The organization participated in Webinar being organized by DST-Core on post COVID plan on May 27, 2021 .

2.18. The organization participated in Dr Amit Sen Gupta memorial online meet, which was held on June 5, 2021.

2.19. A Programme Advisory and Monitoring Committee (PAMC) meeting on Schedule Cast Sub Plan (SCSP) was held on July 26, 2021. The final progress was presented on Traditional Craft Chamba activities during the last 3 years.

2.20. The organization participated in National Scientific Temper Day webinar in which PSM group from HP participated through online on August 20, 2021.

2.21. The online project was submitted on “Establishment of Community Covid Resilience Centre (CCRRC) to DST for Nagwain field area on September 14, 2021.

On Going Projects :

3.1 Core Support :
The organization have established 2 Common Facility Centers, 1st one is in village-Parwai, Block-Bhatiyat, Distt.- Chamba H.P, for distillation and processing of Wild marigold oil and Value added products from Rhododendron with work shed of 600 sqft having Distillation unit (250 Cap. ) with equipment such as Screw type Juice extractor, Storage and mixing Tanks ,Gas furnace and Balance for 8 direct beneficiaries and 40 indirect beneficiaries. The organization has fabricated 5 Poly-tunnels to raise nursery of Rosemary and Lavender among 5 direct beneficiaries. 2nd Common Facility Centre has been established in village Pichalagramang, Block Kullu Distt. Kullu H.P for Preparation of traditional fermented beverage having work shed of 400 sqft with desired Equipment's such as Fermentation Tank, Filter press, Crown corking machine, Gas furnace, Weighing balance which has been used by 8 direct Beneficiaries of the villages.

Annual Report 2020-21

1. Agro-technology and Distillation of wild marigold oil :
The Training and Trial Demonstration has been imparted with further Cultivated in 5 hectares of land, involving 25 farmers. Distilled about 18 kg of oil and sold at Rs. 12000/kg. Propagation & supply of quality planting material of Lavender & Rosemary Hands on trainings to farmers. Raised 34000 cuttings in 5 poly-tunnels. Sold 7000 no's at Rs. 7/- to IHBT,Palampur.

Annual Report 2020-21

2. Development of nutraceutical/ functional foods :
Standardized 2 variants of biscuits based on Amaranthus and Broccoli/spinach. Analyzed at CFTRI and found to very rich in Ca, K P, Fe, & Vit. C. as compared to control sample.

Annual Report 2020-21

3. Value added products from Rhodo-dendron flowers and Establishment of Common Facility Centre :
The Training and trial Demonstration has been carried out in processing, packing and labelling of products 20 farmers trained in process Initially produced and sold about 800-1000 bottles of squash locally. FSSAI license under process.

Annual Report 2020-21

4. Herbal Toilet Soaps based on wild apricot oil using natural aromatics :
The Standardization of Recipe and process and analysis at IRTC-PPC, Kerala and Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Delhi. 3 women SHGs and 1 Kisan Club making and selling soaps at local level.

Annual Report 2020-21

5. Technology improvement and scientific validation of traditional fermented Beverages :
The Trials to standardize the traditional process under process. Analysis for desired parameters to be done at ISM-Research Institute, Joginder Nagar, H.P.

Annual Report 2020-21

6. Design & fabrication of emulsion making unit (EMU) for making moisturizers :
The Design and Fabrication has been done at GAK engineers Mohali. 25 kg capacity (SS 304) made EMU with variable duty. Equipment to make emulsions for making moisturizers at community level.

Annual Report 2020-21

7. Efforts to combat COVID‐19 :
The organization have trained the Women 15 women SHGS (60 women) in 2/3 layer reusable cotton masks. About 10000 masks were made by these women and distributed among community. The organization also Trained FARMERS group in low cost alcohol based hand sanitizer using Artemisia/ Aloe vera extracts. Prepared Sanitizers and distributed to about 250 beneficiaries.

Publications : The following booklets have been prepared.

1. Fortification of Amaranthus biscuits with broccoli.
2. Fortification of Amaranthus biscuits with Spinach
3. Herbal toilet soaps based on wild apricot oil and aloe vera using natural aromatics.

3.2 River Rope Way :

Annual Report 2020-21

The prototype trial demonstration of 2 different models has been carried out and vetting for the model is awaited from IIT Roorkee.
The Progress report was presented during the Webinar held on 8-9 March/21. The final audited Statement of Expenditure has also been submitted to DST.

3.3 Traditional Chamba craft Chamba :

Annual Report 2020-21

S&T intervention in traditional craft of Chamba has been completed and the final progress report along with audited Statement of Expenditure already submitted and PPT presentation was made during on line Group Monitoring Workshop held on 27th July, 2021. It is proposed to have linkages with ongoing vegetable units and to replicate the same in Kullu area. It is proposed to reorganize the artisans group.

3.4 Standardization of protocols for in vitro micropropagation of Cherry rootstocks :

Annual Report 2020-21

The organization has made the standardization of media for initiation of in vitro cultures and in vitro cultures of Gisela have been established. Effect of growth regulators on in vitro multiplication of Cherry rootstocks was made and further multiplication media has standardized Evaluation of different types and concentrations of growth regulators on in vitro rooting of Cherry rootstocks. The Rooting media has been standardized Studies of platelets under poly house conditions. The plantlets have been hardened and distributed among farmers in 3 locations. The final progress report of the project along with the audit report has been submitted with Statement of Expenditure. The final Group Monitoring Workshop has been completed and progress made under YSP has already been presented. The existing lab at Bhadyal has been given on lease to Dr Shilpa Sharma for 15 years @ Rs 2000 with inclusion of staff.

4. Project submitted and in pipeline :

4.1 CCRRC (Post COVID resilience) :
The project has been submitted on “Establishment of Community Covid Resilience Center (CCRRC) to DST for Nagwain field area on September 14, 2021 through online submission.

4.2 Natural cosmetics Products :
The project has been submitted in Up-scaling of production & marketing of natural cosmetic products for sustainable livelihood in Nagwain area of Distt. Mandi (H.P.) through RuTAG, Roorkee and still awaited.

4.3. SFURTI Cluster in food processing through DST :
The project objective was to use local resources, appropriate value addition technologies/processes with farmers groups and further build capacity and enhance the production systems, processes and introduce appropriate technologies with quality control and Value addition of Culled and fresh fruits their Harvesting, Grading, processing and packaging with Marketing linkages and branding.

4.4 Science Technology Innovation Hub :
The present proposal aimed at welfare of SC/ST Population using Science and Technology inputs/processes in diversification of agriculture and traditional craft with focus development of novel/innovative technologies for the benefit of SC/ST communities with Adaptive R&D and field demonstration/extension oriented activities in 5 panchayats of Kanaid area of Sunder Nagar, Distt- Mandi HP.

4.5 Training on solar technology :
The Shramik Bharti in collaboration with TERI a short duration 30 days training programme on solar technology for 30 participants has been planned but it could not be materialized due to Covid-19.

4.6 Project on Medicinal plants :
The project proposal on Alternative Livelihood Generation through Cultivation of Medicinal plants in Kullu and Mandi district of (H.P.). “Himalayan Bio resources Mission '' to DBT, New Delhi.

New Proposal :

5.1 Rural Innovation Fund (NABARD) :
The project proposal on Standardization of protocol for extraction and usage of natural dye from pomegranate flowers to improve the socio-economic conditions of farmers and wool craft artisans in lower areas of Kullu valley submitted to NABARD for its consideration. It is being proposed that the Watershed plan for 5 panchayats of Sunder Nagar area to be submitted in near future to NABARD and all relevant information to be collected for the same.

Annual Progress Report 2019-20

1. Activities/follow up action since last meeting :

1.1 A workshop on Himalayan Innovation Challenge held at IIT Mandi on May 25-26 was attended by Joginder Walia and Dr Shilpa Sharma.

1.2 Executive committee meeting of AIPSN along with a cadre camp was held at New Delhi on May 25-26, 2019. The SDHD campaign was focused on the meeting and the cadre camp.

1.3  GMW review meeting on Traditional Craft of Chamba project was held at New Delhi on August 20, 2019 and was attended by Joginder Walia.

1.4 AIPSN General Council Meeting was held at Delhi on September 14-16, 2019 and was attended by DP Gupta.

1.5 A stakeholders' meeting of River Ropeway project was held at Bhadyal on September 18, 2019 to discuss field trial and certification of the prototype developed by STD. Representatives from HESCO, IIT Mandi and from the state certification authority attended the meeting.

1.6  AIPSN / BGVS cadre camp was held at Nagwain from October 14-1 9 October 2019. Joginder Walia, DP Gupta, Hem Raj and Ramesh Kumar participated in the camp.

1.7  Group monitoring workshop cum review meeting of River Ropeway project was held at Dehradun on December 26-27, 2019.

1.8  IUCN workshop cum review meeting was held at Shimla on March 15, 2020 and was attended by Joginder Walia.

Annual Report 2019-20

1.9 Activities related to COVID-19 responses were held in the month of April and May, 2020. The women beneficiaries involved in the chamba craft project have provided the training to 44 women SHG were trained in masks production in 3 Blocks of Distt-Mandi Viz; Sadar, Ballah and SunderNagar. These women further trained about 107 women in 44 villages. About 10250 masks were prepared by these women and distributed to migrant labourers, shopkeepers, officials and villagers. Sanitizer developed at Nagwain was also distributed free.

2. Ongoing activities/Programme :

1. Core support : Core Support programme has been extended from 2020 to 2025 with following activities :-

I. S & T Intervention : Aspirational Chamba Distt. : Parwai village, Bhatiyat block: Formed a network of 40 Farmers & linked to Himachal Gramin Bank, Lahdu, for further financial help.

Annual Report 2019-20

1. Diversification in to aromatic oils from wild marigold (Tagetes minuta) : In June 20, about 19 farmers cultivated wild marigold on about 22 bighas (1.76 hac.) of land. Hands on trainings to farmers and core team members were given at IHBT, Palampur as well as in farmers’ fields by concerned scientists on agro-technology of wild marigold. Constructed work shed (600 sqft) and installed 250 kg capacity distillation unit at Parwai village. Training cum demonstration was conducted at unit in the village by concerned scientists on extraction of oil, packing and storage of oil. Now the core team of trained farmers is doing extraction of oil themself. Linkages have also been established with Mohan Sugandhim, Mandi (H.P.) for selling of wild marigold oil @ Rs. 8000/-kg.

Annual Report 2019-20

2. Propagation & supply of quality planting material of Lavender (Lavendula officinalis) & Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) : As proposed 5 poly-tunnels (100 sqm. each) have been fabricated in farmers’ fields. Now we are in process to conduct hands on trainings to farmers at IHBT as well as in farmers’ fields. We are going to propagate about 22,000 plants of these plants through cutting in the ploy-tunnels.

3. Cultivation & drying of Matricaria : 15 farmers have been identified to grow matricaria in about 2.0 hac. of land in coming winter season This crop will be dried in indirect solar drier as well as oil will be extracted in distillation unit.

II. Development of nutraceutical/functional foods : Biscuits from nutritionally rich local Vegetable (Broccoli) in combination with flours of wheat & amaranthus (traditional millet) have been prepared. Storage & organoleptic study have been carried out for 6 months & found acceptable. For scientific validation physic-chemical and nutritional analysis was carried out at CFTRI, Mysore along with control sample. Prepared biscuits were found very rich in all minerals & vitamins as compared to control sample. For example prepared biscuit has Calcium, Potassium and Vit. C content, 347.8 mg/100 gm, 285.9 mg/100 gm and 24.9 mg/100 gm respectively whereas control sample has 43.9 mg/100 gm., 142.7 mg/100 gm and 12.9 mg/100 gm. We are manufacturing and selling this biscuit variant through FARMERS group under FSSAI license.

III. Technology improvement and scientific validation of traditional fermented beverages (SUR in Lag valley) in distt. Kullu of H.P. : A Group of ‘7’ farmers have been formed who will look after and sustain the enterprise after completion of project. Construction of work shed is in progress and completed in next couple of days. Medicinal plants to be used have been collected. Equipment’s are ready with manufacturer and shall be installed. Promotion of traditional crops like Kodra and amaranths etc to be carried out in the area.

Annual Report 2019-20

IV. Design & fabrication of emulsion making unit for making creams : A prototype of 8 kg capacity have been designed and fabricated in consultation with RuTAG, IIT Roorkee. We are optimizing it for product making. After optimizing it we will go for up scaled unit of about 20-25 kg capacity in next 2-3 months.

V. Herbal Soaps based on wild apricot oil & natural saponins from soap nut using natural aromatics : We have prepared 3 variants of toiler soap using, Aloe vera, Derek leaf extract and Artemisia extract using natural essential oils of Lavender, wild marigold and lemon grass and one variant of washing soap using soap nut extract with quality certification through NABL lab. for their quality parameters. It shall be replicate among women SHG`S for production and selling. We shall have production through FARMERS group after licencing and SSI registration.

3. River Ropeway Project :

The organization has undertaken R&D work for up-gradation of conventional river rope way crossings (Jhulla’s) under TIME-LEARN Programme, DST, New Delhi under guidance of IIT Mandi. The three models and have tested them on temporary test site at Bhadyal successfully.

Model - I
The model has been prepared by IIT Mandi and Its un-laden weight is 165 kg.It has been tested successfully on testing site. Power has been transmitted to rope drum through single set of sprockets and SR chain. Its successful test has proved feasibility of basic concept. Its fabrication has been done on the bases design of each parts.

Model_2 prototype-1
Design of this model is based on safety issues. Hence, heavy sections has been used during fabrication. Its un-laden weight was more than 450 kg. One of its trial on portable steel posts has been failed. Later it has been successfully tested on RCC posts after stripping for reducing its weight to 340 kg. In this model, haulage ropes run in helical groves of rope drum. Hence, its size/weight increase proportionally to the span. Hence, not found feasible for longer spans.

Annual Report 2019-20

Model-III Prototype-II
This model has been designed and fabricated with lighter sections for reducing its weight. Weight of rope drum is only 2 kg. Haulage rope is guided to remain within width of drum. All sprockets and SR Chains are also of lighter weight. Total un-laden weight is 120 kg. Cabin is enclosed with Aluminum grill having provision of entry & exit. The Prototype –II is feasible for demonstration. We look forward to get safety certificate from RTDC/Govt. after requisite modifications and further to get the R&D patented jointly with DST, IIT & STD through TIFAC so the further replicable model can be demonstrated through other developmental agencies.

Annual Report 2019-20

4. Standardization of protocols for in vitro micro-propagation of Cherry rootstocks

Different type and concentrations of growth regulators has been tried to achieve maximum multiplication rate and the best protocol for the establishment and multiplication of cherry rootstocks has been identified. In vitro raised plantlets have been hardened first in poly house for about 2-3 months than they are being transplanted to farmer’s fields for further assessment. Once each step are being standardized plantlets of cherry rootstock and being distributed to farmers which are involved in Apple and Cherry growing in tree location of Distt- Mandi H.P.

Annual Report 2019-20

5. S & T intervention in Leather Craft :

The equipment and machinery has been installed in October/2019 such as Buffing, Shaving, Glazing , Slow comb staking, Spray Booth and Toggle frames has been established for the smooth trial production of the glazed leather craft at Malori, Mandi, HP.

Annual Report 2019-20

The first batch of 18 beneficiaries (13 Female+5 Male) has been carried out from 12-18 August, 2019 field level training in technical assistance with Key resource personnel//Master Craft man from Chamba in which beneficiaries from the field area participated.

Annual Report 2019-20

The 2nd batch of 15 beneficiaries (10 Female+5 Male) has been carried out from 7-12 November, 2019 at field level training in technical knowhow from the Key Resource Personnel/Master Craft man from Chamba in which beneficiaries from the field area participated.

Annual Report 2019-20

Key Resource Person Training on Machines :
The training of the core group 3 persons has been carried out for one month at Footwear Design and Development Institute, Panchkula from 17th Feb to 15th March/2020 has been completed on Glazing, Buffing , staking, spray booth and toggle frame with spl emphasis to glazed leather for Chamba Chappal craft production and diversification.

Annual Report 2019-20

Full scale production and Marketing :
The trial cum demonstration which shall be carried out at field level with branding, design development, adaptive technology, and product diversification with packing and trial marketing. The networked artisans shall carry out full scale production of glazed leather linked with new range of Chamba craft for full scale economically viable production centre.

Annual Progress Report 2018-19

Annual Report 2018-19

1.  All India People Science Congress – Bhuvneshwar from February 9 to 12, 2018. This Congress was attended by D P Gupta, Dr Vijay Vishal, Joginder Walia and Hem Ram Walia on behalf of STD. The delegates participated in workshop on Technology for livelihood improvement through rural technology in Farm Sector.

Annual Report 2018-19

2. HGVS state conference at Nahan from May 11to 13, 2018 was attended by Joginder Walia and D P Gupta. The delegates participated in the different session of Environment, Health, Education and Rural Enterprise through Self Help Group for further replication.

Annual Report 2018-19

3. Time learn workshop at Dharmashala was held on May 27-28, 2018 and was attended by Joginder Walia and Bhupender Mehta. 30 Voluntary Organizations (VOs)/Self Help Groups (SHGs) participated in TIME-LEARN Programme workshop will was held on 28th May, 2018 at CORD, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh under TIME LEARN Programme through DST, Seed Division, New Delhi.

Annual Report 2018-19

4 Aspirational Distt Visit : 5 members team of Core personal visited Chamba and IHBT Palampur to undertake the feasibility study for Apparitional Distt programme being launched by SEED Division of DST through Core Support Programme from June 8 to 10, 2018. The team includes Mr Joginder Walia, Dr J R Thakur, Bhupender Mehta, Dr Shilpa and Dr Nisha).
Rutag workshop: A workshop of NGO‟s of Himachal Pradesh was organized on July 30, 2018 at Mandi (HP) to identify the problems of rural sectors requiring technology intervention. Members of RuTAG IIT Roorkee and representatives from 15 NGOs of HP attended the workshop

5 : Jan Swasthaya Abhiyan meeting was held at Shimla in August 2018 and attended by Ramesh Kumar and Joginder Walia. It was discussed to carry forward the people`s Health Campaign in the field area of the organization.

6 : AIPSN cadre camp was held at New Delhi from August 10 to 12, 2018 and was attended by DP Gupta. The various issues viz: Environment, History of Science.

7 : Traditional Craft Project monitoring workshop was held at Vishakhapatnam on August 30-31, 2018 and was attended by Joginder Walia.

Annual Report 2018-19

8 : AIPSN Executive Committee
Meeting was held at Kolkotta on September 1-2, 2018 and was attended by Joginder Walia.

9 : National Jan Sawasthya Abhiyan conference was held at Raipur from September 22-23, 2018 was attended by Ramesh Kumar.

Annual Report 2018-19

10 : India International Science Festival, conference was held at Lukhnow on October 4 to 8, 2108 and which was attended by Joginder Walia and Bhupender Mehta. The organization presented the work being done in Farm/Non Farm sector especially through S&T intervention for rural social enterprises.

11 : Himachal Science Festival (HIMCOSTA) was held at IIT Mandi from October 22-23, 2108 and was attended by Ganga Ram, Ramesh Kumar, D P Gupta, Bhupedner Mehta, Joginder Walia, Dr Shilpa, Dr Nisha and Ganga Ram.

Annual Report 2018-19

12 : DST, Group monitoring workshop was held at Shimla on December 3 – 4, 2108 which was attended by Joginder Walia and Ganga Ram. The organization presented the work being done in design development of River Rope way crossing in technical collaboration with IIT Mandi and its further replication.

Annual Report 2018-19

13 : An Awareness campaign was held at Kanaid and Nagwain field area remembering Mahatma Gandhi on the eve of 150 birth celebration and his contribution in Sanitation and Non-Violence on 16th October and 26th November, 2018.

Annual Report 2018-19

14 : Core group monitoring workshop was held at HFRI, Dehradoon on 5-6, February, 2019. The organization presented the work being carried out through Core Support in Farm/ Non Farm Sector and also participated in the exhibition and displayed the products.

Annual Report 2018-19

15 : The MoEFCC and GEF-UNDP SGP organized a workshop at New Delhi along with Green Haat which was held on 7-8 February 2019 at MoEFCC. The various groups presented the work being done by their organization in environment related activities.

16 : AIPSN workshop at New Delhi was held on February 10-13, 2019 and attended by D P Gupta and Joginder Walia. During Three days Workshop on the above stated subject was organized at New Delhi. The Workshop particiants took active part in discussions after the deliberation of each expert on Education, Health, Remembering Bose, Nehru, Ambedkar and Gandhi in defence of Secular and Democratic India, Science and Technology etc. As per the decision of AIPSN the STD has decided to hold SDHD in 15 villages.

17 : Group monitoring workshop of Cherry project at New Delhi on March 16, 2019 was attended by Dr Shilpa. The progress report was presented in the workshop.

2 Ongoing Projects :

2. 1 Core Support project :

Annual Report 2018-19

2.1.1 Enrichment of fruit drinks with pectin solution :
The Trial has been carried out to utilize pectin solution as natural emulsifier for natural fruit juices/drinks such as Mango as thickener.

Annual Report 2018-19

2.1.2 Technology improvement and scientific validation of traditional fermented beverages :
A base line survey has been carried out as in a number of traditional foods/beverages are prepared and consumed by people in Himachal Pradesh especially high hills for centuries, and these form a part of socio-cultural life of the hill people. However, the production of these traditional foods and beverages has been limited to household level. The know-how of traditional processes and technologies involved in the production of these products has been transferred from one generation to another. The types of traditional foods and beverages of Himachal Pradesh are unique and different from other areas. The survey aims to make use these traditional knowledge’s for the benefit of the community by validating the process & product scientifically.
An extensive study of different areas in Lahaul & Spiti & Kullu was carried out. But in most of the areas only some people are preparing traditional fermented beverages occasionally. In Lag Valley, of Kullu Distt. people are preparing traditional beverages SUR & DELI prepared from barley & finger millets respectively. In these beverages they are using locally available wild medicinal plants, which also have some health benefits. Consolation & orientation meetings held with local community of village Pichla Gramang (Panchayat-Dunkhri Gahar) and village Sangochak (Panchayat-Mangarh) to know the present status of these beverages. A Self Help Group (SHG) has been formed by 13 people of these 2 villages, who are interested & participate in this activity.

Annual Report 2018-19

2.1.3 Intervention in Aspirational Chamba Distt. : 1. Base line survey & selection of area: A survey was carried to know about the existing status of agriculture/horticulture & cropping pattern to look in to for viable options for livelihood enhancement through possible S & T interventions in the proposed area. Feasibility study of various need based options was carried out. The possible S & T intervention is in cultivation & extraction of aromatic oils such as wild Marigold in other areas also, which is safe from monkey & other wild animals. As per the suggestions made by the Scientist of IHBT to have multi-cropping system & to avoid dependence of farmers on a single crop, which sometimes also involve risks of losses, we are also proposing other crops such as lavender, rosemary & matricaria which have also a great demand & are economical viable also. Also in the area Rhododendron flowers are found in plenty in wild in forest area of Chuwari block. There natural valuable resource having medicinal value is going waste & could be utilized sustainably for value addition as processed products to add to the income of the people of the area.
The Orientation meeting was held with beneficiaries at lahdu on 18.10.18 to apprise them about all the above activities to be carried out.

2.1.4 The trial demonstration on High density apple plantation is being carried out as it has been recommended by DST expert team.

2.1.5 The review of the project has been rated as good and Core Support Proposal for Phase-III has been submitted and same has been approved in principal for three years 2019-22 and the next installment of grant under this project is still awaited.

Annual Report 2018-19

2 .2 S & T intervention in Chamba leather Craft : The Detailed base line survey of the traditional craft practices has been carried out of the target population and further product diversification. The beneficiary has been networked to have training and further trial demonstration of glazed leather with new range of chamba leather craft. The new equipments and machinery has been placed in advance order during the month June/2018 such as setting, Buffing, Component hydraulic press, Slocomb staking, Spray Booth and Toggle frames to be established for the smooth trial production of the traditional craft. The training of the core group 3 persons has been Completed for one month at Footwear Design and Development Institute, Panchkula from 14th Feb to 13th March/2019 to undertake footwear training with spl emphasis to Chamba Chappal craft production and diversification. The field level training has been planned in the month of May/June/2019 in collaboration with FDDI, Panchkula.

Annual Report 2018-19

River Ropeway : The organization have Develop the lighter prototype having light weight material and its trial are being carried out with quality. The Project activities to be commensurate with ropeway act and process for getting safety certificate are in process. The formal letter have been submitted to HP State Council for filing patent in river rope way. The prototype-II model is under fabrication and schedule to be ready for trial by June/2019. It has been proposed for 2nd phase of river rope way (inclusion of Gear System/Fiber based Trolly/Use of stainless steel wire/Safety concern/Patent etc).

2.4 IARI seed trial demonstration : The organization carried out the trial demonstration of spinach and rest of other seed could not reach timely (wheat, branjal and bottle guard to be supplied by IARI, New Delhi during Rabi/Kharif in Nagwain field area) and the outcome was satisfactory among farmers especially spinach cultivation.

IUCN project :

2.5.1 Agroforestry :
The proposed plots in Fozal Watershed has been identified 5 locations (Shim, Jhakri, Paradi, Fozal and Neri) for plantation, where about 21 beneficiaries has been involved from 5 different wards in 3 panchayats of watershed.

2.5.2 Eco forestry :
Area of 3hac. is demarcated through department of forest. plants for plantation have been identified inconsultation with forest Department.In total about, 2000 plants(deodar=1500, walnut=100, horse chestnut=100, Tosh=100, Rai=100 and Rubinia=100 have been procured and planted in first week of Dec. 2018.

Annual Report 2018-19

2.5.3 Organic Farming plots in Fozal Watershed : Meeting with vermicomposting beneficiary for organic farming has been done and out of 10 beneficiary 9 has been ready to do organic farming in their land.Individual plots of 9 farmers have been identified for organic farming and organic supplements have been distributed. The organic package of practices from November month onwards is being carried out for next one year.

Annual Report 2018-19

2.5.4 DRR training programs (one in each Gram Panchayats : Three disasters, Landslides, Flash floods & Fire have come up as outcome of last year DRR training programmes and in consultation with local community & District Disaster Management Authority, Kullu. The workshop have been organized in consultation with IUCN.

2.5.5 Promoting sustainable energy :
The maintenance of biogas, Roof Top Solar, and LED bulbs distribution in pilot villages and revival of one dried spring in Fozal Watershed, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh is being monitored.

Annual Report 2018-19

2.5.6 Repair of water channel :
The watermill and de-silting chamber was almost on completion stage in month of October but has been damaged due to flash floods on 23rd September. 2018. After flash flood, Extra budgetary provision has been requested from IUCN and linkages has been established with local self govt through MNREGA.

Annual Report 2018-19

2.6 Cherry Root stock project (YSP) :
The basic infrastructiure for the establishment of laboratory along with equipments have been installed. The intial Standardization of protocol for in vitro micro propagation of cherry rootstocks Standardization of media for initiation of in vitro cultures are being carried out. The Effect of growth regulators on in vitro multiplication of Cherry rootstocks are also in progress.

Annual Progress Report 2017-18


22-23 May, 2017 :
Time learn review meeting was held at WII, Dehradun and progress made in River Rope way was presented and expert committee advised to make progress as per time line of the project.

29-30 May, 2017 :
Core Group monitoring workshop was held at Lucknow on 29-30 May,2017 in which the progress made from 2013 till date was presented and further proposal for extension of the project for next 2018-23 for 5 years was also presented during the meeting.

4-5 August, 2017 :
UNDP/SGP/CEE team Led by Jaison Vergese visited the pine needle briquetting project area in Nagwain field area and saw the work being done by the organization. The team asked to complete the remaining work by December, 2017.

10-12 August, 2017 :
AIPSN north India cadre camp was held at New Delhi from August 9-12, 2017 which was attended by DP Gupta and Joginder Walia.1-2 September, 2017 : AIPSN EC Meeting was held at Delhi to discuss about Sabka Desh Hamara Desh campaign and follow up national workshop Bhopal Jan Utsav during 26-28 November, 2017.

12-13 November, 2017 :
An seven members DST expert team visited STD field stations Nagwain and Malori to have on spot review of activities under core support programme. The team advised to submit the Core Support proposal for next 5 years for its approval.

28 November, 2017 :
UNDP/SGP/CEE team led by Mrs Swati visited the Nagwain field area and see the project activities being implemented by the organization. The team advised to have further enhancement proposal for wider replication.

7-8 December, 2017 :
Group monitoring workshop was held SUKAST Jammu on December 7 and 8 in which progress on river rope way model was presented. The expert team advised to prepare the 2nd prototype in consultation with IIT Mandi by Feb, 2018.

18 December,2017 :
A meeting was held with IUCN official at Delhi in which the progress made till December was presented and further agreement has also been reached with IUCN for extension of the project for next three month from Jan to March,2018 and April to Dec, 2018.

30th December, 2017 :
AIPSN EC Meeting was held at Delhi on 30 December at New Delhi in which details regarding upcoming All India People`s Science Congress schedule to be held at Bhubneswar from 9-12 February, 2018 was discussed and STD assigned to present the income generating technologies being done by the organization.

1.10 Rural Technologies Incubators Workshop
A annual conference of incubators and strat up was held on 10-12 September, 2016 at Pune with a theme on “Powering start up enablers: Incubators, Accelerators, Innovation Cluster, Co-working Spaces” being organizaed by ISBA, Pune , and organization participated being a core group of DST in panel discussion and show case the innovative products during the workshop.

On-going Projects:

1. Core Support :
During the last year R & D activities the organization have been involved in new range of products diversification in development of Natural cosmetic products viz; natural hand Moisturizer, Face Moisturizer, Cracks heal cream, Face scrub, face pack & Shampoo. Extraction of Pectin Powder from apple pomace have been developed for extraction of pectin from apple pomace. Various physical as well as functional parameters were studied in our laboratory & fruit processing unit for suitability of pectin for Jam/Jelly making. Organic Pest’s Management and its technology adaptation in vegetable crops, a comparative study on effect of chemical & organic pesticidal formulations is being carried out at STD field station Nagwain in vegetable crops. Diversification in High Density Plantation of apples (As per recommendation of Expert Committee) Technology adaptation of delicious apples on Semi-dwarf & dwarf rootstocks is being carried out in the field trials Preparation of herbal soaps using local natural resources, we have develop soaps using local raw materials having different functional properties, natural coloring & essence materials. Various plant materials such as Aloe vera gel, wild apricot oil, wild marigold oil, soap nut extract, Tulsi extract etc and further to be continued in 3rd phase also. Development of nutraceutical/functional foods: Biscuits from nutritionally rich local Vegetables (Spinach & Cauliflower) & apple pomace in combination with flours of wheat & traditional millets. Enrichment of fruit drinks such as apple, Mango & Litchi which has viscosity problem with pectin solution from apple pomace. Technology improvement and Scientific validation of traditional fermented beverages in L & S area of H.P. e.g. Ark, Anguri & Chang/Lugri. Design & fabrication of emulsion making unit with variable duties. Herbal Soaps based on wild apricot oil & natural saponins from soap nut using natural aromatics. Technology adaptation of High Density Plantation of apples on root stocks using drip irrigation system. Organic integrated pest control (IPM) using Meliaazadirach & cow urine at Farmers field.

2. River Rope Way :
During the year a model of up-graded river rope was developed but it could not functioned sue to heavy weight of trolly as the steel support system failed and could not hold its weight. The team of experts from DST also suggested during their visit in November, 2017 to prepare designs of piers and asked IIT, Mandi to develop light weight up-graded model of river rope way. A Virtual model of river rope way is prepared with blue print has been prepared and further computer aided design of prototype-I, (up graded model) has been prepared under consultancy of IIT, Mandi and further light weight CAD model has also been prepared & has been sent to IIT Mandi, Professor HN Chankya, expert committee members, DST for its approval, comments & suggestions. IIT Mandi has also prepared a model which is under execution. A cad model of steel support system (Piers) has been prepared after consultation of IIT. A design of RCC Piers is also being prepared by IIT Mandi after surveying actual site. A Group monitoring workshop was held SUKAST Jammu on December 7 and 8 in which progress on river rope way model was presented and expert team advised to prepare the 2nd prototype in consultation with IIT Mandi by March, 2018.

3. IARI seed trials :
TThe organization carried out the trial demonstration of wheat, branjal and bottle guard being supplied by IARI, New Delhi during Rabi/Kharif in Nagwain field area and the outcome was satisfactory among farmers especially spinach cultivation.

4. IUCN Fozal Water Shed, Kullu area :
Development of 16 Community based village development plans by undertaking community consultation, social mapping and planning for adaptation to the climate change issues in the area, 19 village house hold survey completed and village plan are being prepared, Focus group discussion and village profile, water shed data, panchyat plan collected. Plan for adaptation to climate change issue in the proposed watershed is being prepared. Pilot on Agro-forestry (Piloting of 1 community nursery (30,000 plants) run by women SHG for fodder tree species) 8500 Nos of plants to be distributed as per demand Viz; Apple, plums, pears , peach persimmon, pemongrate, devdar and kosh as on today 3200 fruits plants has been procured for further distribution. Pilot on organic farming to raise traditional crops with organic farming, vermin compost pits of 10 Beneficiaries has been completed and organic inputs has been distributed in collaboration with Agriculture department. Repair work of water channel for development of watermills and Micro hydero in Dhobi, Kullu, MOU signed with PAN Chakki SHG. Repair of channel and leveling work has been completed as per design of IUCN consultant. Promoting sustainable energy: installation of biogas (20), Roof Top Solar (1), and distribution and use of LED bulbs in pilot villages Finalization of beneficiaries in consultation with Grass root NGO`s for 17 bio gas plant already erected and 3 are under progress. Selection of community roof top solar in process to be completed by end by March, 2018. 2000 LED Bulb has been procured and 1850 LED bulbs already distributed in 12 wards and rest are in progress and another 2000 No LED has been procured and in process to distribute by March, 2018.

5. Tissue culture on Cherry root stocks :
The project have been approved in December, 2017 for 3years and organization have started the repair of already established infrastructure and transformation to plant tissue culture laboratory and advance order for purchasing of all instrument and equipment’s.

6. Pine Needle Briquetting CEE/SGP :
UNDP/SGP/CEE team visited on 4-5 August, 2017 in pine needle briquetting project area in Nagwain field area and saw the work being done by the organization. The team asked to complete the remaining work by December, 2017 and asked to submit the final progress report and SOE, which have already been submitted to CEE Delhi.

Project Submitted/Pipe Line.

1. S&T intervention in Leather Craft :
The formal approval of the leather craft Chamba have been received for next 3 years from DST and 1st installments is awaited in December to carry out the activities of the proposal.

2. NMHS GP pant institute, Almora on women’s group enterprise :
The proposal was submitted to NMHS , GBPIHED, Almora in Janaurauy 2017 but due revamping of NMHS scheme the steering committee have put in hold for its consideration.

3. Core Support Phase-III, 2018-23-DST :
The Core Group monitoring workshop which was held at Lucknow on 29-30 May, 2017 in which the progress made from 2013 till date was presented and further proposal for 5 years was also presented during the meeting and the following activities which have been targeted to be carried out for next 5 years (2018-23) and the same have been recommended by DST expert team who visited the organization at Mandi 12-13 Nov, 2017.

4. The organization has submitted the details for Empanelment of agencies for Strat-up Village Entrepreneurship Program (SVEP) program through EDI which is awaited for its recommendation.

New Project to be submitted/Pipe line

Beekeeping and Beekeeping in Banjar Area. The updated on line proposal to be submitted in DST for its approval.
The following new proposal are being planned and to be submitted:
1. Up scaling of Pine Needle Briquetting-UNDP/SGP
2. Cosmetic Products using local materials
3. Soap making using wild apricot

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