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1. Low Cost Sanitary Napkin (2011-14)

Funding Agency : DST

To provide better quality of life to rural women in terms of health and income generation by involving them in production and awareness of low cost sanitary napkin

2. Technology Intervention for Elderly (TIE) (2010-13)

Funding Agency : DST

3. Core Support 2008-2013 (Phase-I)

Funding Agency : DST

4. Core Support 2013-2018 (Phase-II)(2013-18)

Funding Agency : DST

5. Coping with uncertainty: Building community resilience and ecosystem based adaptation to climate change in the Indian Himalayan region (2016-18)

Funding Agency : IUCN

6. Young Scientist Scheme (2010-13)

Funding Agency : DST

7. Up-Scaling of Pine Needles Briquetting (2015-17)

Funding Agency : GEF/UNDP

Up-Scaling of Pine needles and other bio-mass pine needle briquetting technology through women based community organization in hilly area of Mandi, HP

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