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Society for Technology and Development (STD), Mandi, (H.P.) being Core Support Group of DST, GOI initiated training, production & distribution of 2/3 layer reusable cotton masks and low cost alcohol based hand sanitizer. About 44 women SHGS were trained in masks production in 3 Blocks of Distt-MandiViz; Sadar, Ballah and SunderNagar. These women further trained about 107 women in 44 villages. About 10250 masks were prepared by these womenand distributedfree of cost to migrant labourers, shopkeepers, officials and villagers. 50% of total 10250 masks were made through public contribution/financial supportfrom institution/organization Viz; PNB, HPGB, Cooperative society ,four lane Joint action committee, STD and Farmer`s groups/individuals. Apart from this organization donated Rs 10,000/- (Ten Thousand) to Red Cross Society Mandi, HP.

People were aware to maintain social distancing & cover their faces with masks while moving out of their homes besides cleaning their hands with soap at short intervals. Hand sanitizer using Isopropyl alcohol and local bio-resource (Artemisia and Aloe vera) was prepared at STD field station Nagwain in consultation with National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) Lucknow for use locally at societal level. Members of FARMERS group were trained in preparation of hand sanitizer. This sanitizer was distributed free of cost to about 260 beneficiaries in Sadar&SunderNagar blocks in 13 villages. People were also made aware about proper and safe use of hand sanitizers. They were advised to use sanitizer only in public places or at places where soap & water is not available.

Training at Nagwain
Mask distribution to migrant labourers
Preparation of hand sanitizer
Distribution of sanitizer in local Bank
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